Technical information:

  • The 12 coats comprise 10 base coats and 2 topcoats

  • The coating is designed to have a high degree of scratch resistance

  • The coating consists of UV filters to increase the fade-resistance of the substrate (not 100% fade-proof)

  • Klumpp is a world leader in flooring coatings

  • The cured surface has a sweat and saliva resistance to meet DIN 53160-1/2

  • The coating is non-carcinogenic

  • ‘REACH’ approved material (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemical substances)

  • No VOC emissions

  • No heavy metals

  • No insecticides, pesticides, herbicides

  • No plasticizers (Phthalates) ASTM D333, EN 71-3

  • The coating consists of high quality Polyurethane resin which easily enables 3H hardness degree which effectively doubles the wear resistance of an uncoated component.


Coat Description

Number of coats

Water base primer coating 1
UV-putties 4
UV-anti-abrasion coating 1
UV-Primer 2
UV-Sanding sealer  1
UV- Bottom coating  1
UV-Topcoat 1
UV-Topcoat 1
  12 coats